Let us empower you.

At NetDexterity, we are committed to solving your business problems, improving your business processes, and helping you achieve your business goals.

Our team of information specialists, developers, and system architects help you determine the strategies, technologies, and solutions that are right for you.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Black Belt Partner, we leverage Microsoft technology to meet your business needs, while recognizing your organization’s unique set of resources, investments, and challenges.

At NetDexterity, it’s about more than just implementing technological solutions. We give you the tools that add the most value to your business – lower costs, increased productivity, automated workflows, and improved legislative compliance. Let us empower you.

Harness the power of information.

A modern business accumulates information at astounding rates. Managing that information is critical to business success, whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established corporation.

Despite being such an incredible asset, information can be an obstacle when left unmanaged – unfindable documents mean a loss of corporate knowledge, and potentially even legal risks.

NetDexterity has extensive experience with Microsoft’s SharePoint platforms, and expertise in Information and Records Management. Our solutions integrate the three main tenets of knowledge management – people, technology, and process. Put the power of your organizational information to use.

Helping you to help them.

You want to create relationships with your customers that are lasting, rewarding, and that achieve continual return. Customer relationship management solutions provide you with the customer business data to help you:

  • provide better customer service;
  • cross-sell and up sell more effectively;
  • close deals;
  • retain current customers;
  • better understand who your customers are.

Your data has a story to tell.

There is a huge gap between simply accumulating and storing large amounts of data, and transforming that data into useful, valuable information. NetDexterity’s Business Intelligence services can help you bridge that gap. It’s about helping you make better business decisions, gain a better picture of your past transactions, and make accurate forecasts.

Our experts work with you to develop a business intelligence strategy, analyzing your current data analysis methods and business needs to determine a better approach. To use your data to the fullest, we find ways to structure, report, and filter this data in a meaningful way. This might involve creating the underlying data structure, optimizing the data warehouse, designing reports, or building dashboards to monitor data. We then integrate your Business Intelligence strategy with your other business tools and solutions, so that it seamlessly supports your daily activities. Let your business data be your guide.

Planning today for tomorrow.

It all starts with a strategy. Creating a plan of where you are going and how you're going to get there is key to achieving significant business results.

At NetDexterity, we have consultants who are experts in everything from Systems Operations to Information and Records Management. We can help you develop strategies and roadmaps in:

  • Data migration
  • Software implementation
  • Records Management
  • SharePoint governance

We have a proven track record of success in ensuring your priorities are aligned with your business’ overall direction. Let us help you realize your vision.

Download. Configure. Deliver.

The application (app) framework for Microsoft Office and SharePoint is all about delivering common processes in a predictable and repeatable manner. You can leverage the tools and learnings of one solution and apply them across other instances that have similar requirements.

NetDexterity leverages the app framework in our approach to custom solutions for our clients. In some cases, the products we develop for one client can be reframed as an app and sold on the App Marketplace. Our current app offerings include:

We focus on developing repeatable solutions to complex business processes.

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