ND|Manage with DocuSign on Microsoft Office 365 to provide a seamless end to end experience for our clients that drives the cost and complexity out of traditional document management processes.


NetDexterity is a leader in delivering Information Management in the Microsoft Cloud. Our Office and SharePoint Apps deliver on priorities of organizations and their users - faster and for less money.  We are a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider enabling us to provide a seamless experience to our clients in the Cloud and across multiple devices.  Our Public and Private sector clients measure our success by our ability to impact business performance, improving productivity, increasing predictability, enhancing client and partner interactivity, and reducing operational costs.



End-User Independence

Your end users are able to create their own collaboration sites in real time, without having to request this from their SharePoint Administrator. This lowers your support costs as your IT group is free from site governance activities. Also, all sites created by users are tracked in a SharePoint list with meaningful metadata, which can be exported by both users and site administrators for reporting purposes, or connected to BI services.


Transaction Transparency

Embedding DocuSign into ND|Manage allows users to obtain and track electronic signatures through both serial and parallel workflows. Our dashboard tracks the status of your envelope as each signature is obtained. This eliminates the administration and cost associated with obtaining signatures on paper records.


Organizational Compliance Made Easy

Users will create sites based on preconfigured templates and content types, and the libraries within these sites can be configured to adhere to your organization's Records Management rules. In this way, the responsibility of mapping documents to a retention category is removed from the users altogether.


Enhanced Search and Filter

Use the ND|Filter component of ND|Manage to filter any list or library based on existing metadata. Combine filters across columns, and easily see how many items are tagged with each term. The filters reduce with each application, so your users will never get ‘0 results’.


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Name: ND|Manage 365
Platform: Office 365
Release Date: Available

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