Compliance. Governance. Automation.

Even though SharePoint’s native records management functionality is pretty good, it only takes you 80% of the way to full compliance. ND|Records can give you the other 20%.

Create a retention policy for different types of sites. When a site is triggered for retention, it is packaged up and sent to the Records Center. The context for each piece of content remains intact, and accountability is maintained through a comprehensive audit trail.

ND|Records offers increased policy compliance while maintaining searchability, in case of discovery. That means peace of mind for your IT Administrators, Information Managers, and your end users.

  • Package sites and move them to the Records Center.
  • Implement comprehensive records management policies.
  • Customize retention triggers for documents and sites.
  • Reduce operating costs associated with storage of unneeded documents.


Name: ND|Records
Platform: On Premise