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Typically, site creation can only be done by SharePoint Administrators – permissions usually reserved for the IT group. If a user requires a new site, they are forced to put in a request to their IT department, with a turnaround time of days – or even weeks.


Let ND|Sites reduce the burden on your IT team. The setup and configuration is minimal, there is virtually no maintenance, and monitoring is made easy, since every site that is created is logged in a SharePoint list.

Give users the power to create their own SharePoint sites, as soon as the need arises. They simply select the type of site they wish to create, and away they go. They can begin uploading and collaborating immediately.

Easily create sites – without IT
  • Use with ND|Records to ensure Records Management compliance.
  • Use with ND|Filter or ND|TagSearch to improve the searchability of your sites summary list.
  • Easy integration with SharePoint 2013.
  • Reduces support burden on your IT department.
  • Apply existing metadata at the site level for better searcing and filtering.
  • View all created sites at-a-glance in a SharePoint list.


Name: ND|Sites O365
Platform: Office 365
Release Date: Available

Name: ND|Sites Enterprise
Platform: On Premise
Release Date: Available

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What our users say...

The company was growing fast and my department couldn’t keep up with the requests for team sites. We needed a low-cost solution that would work with our current environment, require minimal support, and maintain our IT policies. With ND|Sites, my team configured it, and then let the users run with it – with great success.
Ron Lipman, IT Administrator
I love the way each site becomes its own list entry, with its own set of metadata. I use it like a dashboard that lets me see which projects and contracts are coming to a close. This way I know what content is next in line for retention or disposition. I no longer have to track this information in an Excel spreadsheet.
Callie Richards, Records Manager
I use the ND|Sites app all the time. When I need to create a collaboration site for my sales team, I don’t have to put in a request to the IT department – I can create the site myself, grant access to my team members, and start populating the site immediately.
Dan Ramos, Sales Associate

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